Monday, March 31, 2014



to give oneself true , pure inner peace and a feel good thing...
to get the simple pleasures of life. I am going to be writing about the little things that one can do everyday which do not cost anything but give us a lot.
Each individual is different and so the likes and dislikes too change ..
Here I am going to mention the little things that give me comfort, happiness and I will also go on adding to later posts as I think or feel that inner pleasure when i do them or when I experience them. It may help others to be conscious of the little things that happen and which they should give some attention to in order to make one's life richer and more satisfying.
Let me share with you some of my little important things. There will be many more which we realize from time to time and I will share them with you from time to time.


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These are very little and simple day to day things which we do but do not think about do not sit back and be conscious of them and so lose out on the sheer pleasure of the moment.
Try to enjoy the best moments in your life and they make your day a better day.
There will be things and happenings over which you do not have any control but these little things are those which you do have control over , some just happen and some we have to make them happen so that  we can sit back and at the end of the day have something to feel good about.. If you like this post please comment and add your feel good things in the comments below for all to read.
I will be adding my little things as we go along so please join in and help others realize the little things that make our life so much better .

What are your little little things??

Monday, March 3, 2014


Last week I purchased so many things that gave me true pleasure.. It’s not always that your shopping outing is a success. But this time I really found some great things which I love and which are not very expensive.

On last Thursday it was a Public holiday here in India, and hence I decided to go with my parents and my son to the other side of town, which takes about 1 and half hour by train from where I live. But my father being a generous man that he is decided to treat us to a taxi ride to the place and back..

My son was already there at my mom’s house since the day before so I had to go to their house and we all planned to go to the shopping place by cab.

I have to take a train to go to my mom’s house and from the station go by taxi..

We reached crawford market where we were going to shop at around 5.45 which was pretty late

We had only had about 1 and half hour to shop around as we had to go home and then I had to leave to reach back home.

I went round the main market which sells dry fruits , some imported cosmetic items and also things like paper bags , tissues  etc.. there is a great fruit market tooBut I was interested in only buying the stuff which I do not get easily near my home so I bought a lovely non stick cake pan, then I bought some dry fruits for my hubby who loves to eat a bunch of dry fruits after his meals and dry fruits at this place are the best.

My major shopping was at the fabric store where I found some awesome prints on kitchen towels, I am a great great fan of kitchen towels and it’s very difficult to find those made of printed material here in Indian we do have those which are cotton and checked prints but not with floral prints etc and I got these which were supposed to be rejects and hence at a very cheap rate.

I picked up some cotton table mats as well which I will use when there are some special guests at my place.

Traveling in traffic is the only things that is a problem here in India and so once you go to such places it’s not likely that I will visit this place immediately .. so I wanted to shop a little more but my parents who are old for such a adventure started getting uneasy and tired and I did not want them to be uncomfortable because I was comfortable shopping for hours together.. If you have to shop at your own pace and time you should come alone.

But I was very happy with what I managed to get in such a short time , It so happens that sometimes you go on for hours searching for the right things but you end up buying things that are a compromise , but today I unexpectedly got things that I love .. I was not expecting that I will shop a lot and hence it gave me happiness to get these little things MY SIMPLE PLEASURES.
We also had some snacks and falooda a rose milk shake with vermicelli and ice cream which this place is famous for...

I will share with you the pictures of my purchases; I have not clicked them as yet but add them as soon as I have them uploaded.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014



I know I have not been very regular writing on this blog, although  I would love to come up with something to put up here.. There are many things that cross my mind. But I need encouragement from you guys to keep me going . Please come up with comments and what you feel about the post so that we can keep the conversation going and I feel like writing more and more.
So I thought why not write about my day once in a while so that you can know a little more about me and my day.. a little questionnaire type of thing which helps one to write and for you to read what you like.

Sitting at the computer with my mid-morning cup of tea, Its 12.45 in the afternoon a little late for the mid-morning tea but I have Just come from the nearby local market.. Went to buy some fish, the fish was almost over with only a few not so good pieces left over. so had to come back without it.. But purchased other things like.. Leafy vegetable (Radish leaves and spinach) for tomorrow. WIMPY’S DIARY.. A book for my son. Sweet bun for making a sweet bread pudding.. , CORN for probable a corn salad or will make pasta with corn and white sauce. Fresh green grapes.

 Just came from out I know that its pretty warm outside inspire of being still in February and its supposed tube pleasant.

LEFTOVER DRUMSTICK DAL (have to finish off the leftovers as my fridge is overflowing)


Lots of work to be done, due to my morning out ting, the morning routine did take a beating and there is so much to do.. I can see pile of folded clothes to be sorted and arranged , my to do list for the day has not yet started and that has a important to do item and that’s cleaning my living room extra items shelves which has been pending for a long long time.

There are a few TV serials which seem to catch my interest; I cannot stick to one if the story line deviates from what is realistic. So right now what is working for me is
MAJHE MAN TUZHE ZALE – Marathi serial
TUMHARI PAKHI – A Hindi serial
I Love watching realistic TV and right now there is nothing much. Will watch MASTER-CHEF UK which has started this week but I haven’t yet been able to watch an episode.
I Watch lots of cooking programs on the TLC or fox traveler channels which are reruns so do get irritated sometimes.

Just got a book yesterday which is a 1993 edition Bollywood related stories book  , I love reading stories of things gone by  or memoirs so this is written by a film journalist who has seen actors in the 40’s and 50’s so it will be interesting for me.
I also read a lot from my huge pile of magazines.

Friday, October 11, 2013


I love to see colour around me , and love the see various blogs where in ladies knit or crochet colourful stuff .
But but I cannot knit nor do I crochet although I appreciate those who do so. In India there is not a lot of crochet or knitting done as the weather too is not appropriate to wearing warm clothes.
I had been to my friends the other day and I saw this piece lying on the table I was so excited when I saw it as I had never sen anything like that in any Indian home , I see a lot of this stuff around western countries.
I know its not something that I made but it was good to look at it as it was a vintage piece made by my friends mom in laws sister in law about 40 yrs back.
So here I share it with you .. for its simplicity and old world charm.

The lady who made this is around 70 now.. and so for me this piece is precious as it has seen a lot of wear and tear and still standing proud.
 I just love the colour combination.. It looks so fresh and lively/

Friday, September 13, 2013


Some pictures clicked by me when on the beach at twilight..
I love the calming effect this light has on my senses..

From this angle you can see the silhouettes of the people on the beach and its so interesting..

The bullock cart below.. love the way you can see the light effect at the left end of the picture...


Morning tea.. A morning me time where I read a book... downloaded on my mini laptop and enjoy a cup of tea on my window sill.. That's a good start to my day...

Offcourse this is a start after I finish packing my sons lunch box..
The first thing I do even before I have my morning cup of tea is to cook something fresh for my son's lunch box and that takes about an hour depending on what I am making for him.

Then when he leaves for college I make tea for me and my husband and love to either curl up on my living room sofa or sit on the window with either a book or magazine and sometimes with my laptop to read downloaded stuff.
What is your morning routine and what is it that you like to do to start your day ?.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


In India space is at a premium especially in Mumbai where I stay we have tiny kitchens and rooms so we have to make use of available space and make it work for you.
So Here let me share with you a small part of my kitchen which holds the washing machine ( we do not have laundry rooms in India and the toilets are also very tiny so a kitchen wall works fine..}
But I decided to make the most of the space above the washing machine and I use it as a extra table to store things.
Here you will find my everyday plates and cups .It gives me great pleasure to see the colourful plates that I use.

I have lots and lots of cups and mugs . But these are my everyday stuff which are very colourful too.
Bright things add brightness to your day to day life try it...

Notice how I dry my cups.. I dry them on a ring (it’s my old bangle) and they dry quick due to circulation of air. I can accommodate 3 cups on 1 ring I use 2 such rings.
You will see a small container which was given to me by my sister who stays in the US.
Such are the pleasures of day to day life, try to snatch such pleasures as you go about your work.. You might not find what I find,  interesting but there will be SOMETHING that will put a  spring in your step as you work… so DO IT.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This are beautiful pictures clicked by my hubby when we were in Talegoan last week, I am not too fond of flowers, but flowers are such a gift of nature that when you see them suddenly you cannot help but smile.

And that’s what happened when I saw this little plant that was growing outside my friends bungalow when we were visiting..

It was a holiday home and so they were coming back to it after about 2 months and hence the outside of the home needed a little bit of cleaning and dusting. But these little flowers needed nothing to add to their beauty they were like a bright spot in the unkempt exterior.

They were blooming in the corner and still you could not help but look at them there were only 4 on the plant and there were these 2 small buds.. The colour a pretty pretty pink..

I know that I am being philosophical but wouldn’t it be nice to have such humans who would be able to shine through adverse conditions who could remain positive when times are not so good and try to create a strong positive vibe for all those around you..