Monday, April 18, 2011


Blogs are my real inspiration , I feel very inspired when I see other ladies all around the world doing so many things to make their homes look more beautiful...

I had been near a flower market the other day I am not the one to go and shop for flowers , I normally have flowers in my house when someone get a bouquet for some occasion.
So here I am a person who does not pay much attention to flowers ,one who never ever goes to a market to buy flowers  (I don't know what they are called , if any of you know the name please write to me...).
I saw these lovely flowers and purchased them and it does not end there I pulled out a nice little jug which i have and decorated them in a simple way on my dining table.

My inspiration does not end there I also searched for a nice matching table mat to create the right effect , so that's inspiration for me i.e doing things that you have never done before because you
feel-inspired by others.