Monday, May 13, 2013


It was very unusual to find a parrot sitting on the tree just outside our bedroom window of our apartment.
Here in Mumbai , where we stay its hard to find many trees around our apartment complex and hence less birds you can see sparrows, crows and lots and lots of pigeons but that's about it...

 But there is just a small land near our building which has a temple and a little open land around it where there are many trees planted and hence we are fortunate to find a little green spot just outside the bedroom window as the bedroom faces the temple although we cant directly see it as we stay on the 5th floor but the upper portion of the coconut trees reach the outside of our window.

So I was very excited to see this cute little parrot sitting on the tree (some might find it childish.. ) but for people like us who stay in concrete jungles its hard to find them flying around .

There are people who keep them in cages but its nice to see them free and natural.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


I read a lot of blogs every day, especially homemaking, decor and food blogs. I am of the type who gets easily inspired by a written word.

With so much inspiration in the blogging world it’s very difficult not to want to do things that one has never done before, and for me that is sewing.. I am a very creative person if I say so myself and love to create things which involve painting, coloring, sticking etc… But I have never ever tried to sew.. Or you can say never ever felt inspired enough to feel like sewing and so I don’t own a sewing machine.. I do have a needle which I use during emergencies.Like a button needed to be fixed, a sudden tear which has to be tackled with..But I won’t call that real sewing.

After looking at the wonderful and colourful quilts on many blogs I had this strong strong  urge  to have a quilt for myself.. But as I said earlier I have to learn the ABC of sewing and making a quilt is like learning to write sentences.. Hehe…

          First cup of tea over chat and chat..

I spoke about this to a friend of mine who is very good at sewing.. and asked her if she could help me make a small placemat ..Which is like a quilt..Being a kind hearted girl she immediately said that she would.. She has never made a quilt before and so making a small one would be better than trying out a huge one.

So off I went to her house the next day.. Armed with guess what?  As I had no time to go to the market to buy new fabric pieces I decided to make one using my old cotton dresses which I no longer used.

                           Squares of the quilt coming together.

At her home, I made my first quilt .I cut the squares and she stitched them together.. She used a whole one colour cloth for the back side of the quilt.

By helping me or making this quilt for me she has given me a lot of pleasure and since then I use in regularly as a dish drainer cloth.

I love my quilt and love to look at the little squares made with my well worn and loved dresses which are re-purposed and used again and will serve me for some more years.

 By helping me or making this quilt for me she has given me a lot of pleasure and since then I use in regularly as a dish drainer cloth.

   can you see the ready quilt with my second cuppa..

Her son has a DSLR..I am planning on buying one too, so I took some pictures like the one below with his camera as I wanted to know how they look. I was impressed.