Monday, October 13, 2014


Outside my window: Hi, I have decided that I will be writing about my week gone by and what I am doing right now on Mondays (if possible...”smiles**” and today it is possible to do so , and so, here I am)
It’s 10.30 at night and I have just finished up cleaning up after dinner, a little early compared to the other days as I normally finish after 11.00.
Off course its dark outside and I am in my son’s room as he is out for work and my hubby is watching an action movie out in the living room.

I am thankful... That my annual eye check up is finally done and that I have only a slight increase in my reading No.

I am wearing... Blue kurti and my grey leggings (I am still in the same dress that I wore in the evening for my eye checkup and then a round in the mall.

I am wondering... If I will get back to reading my never-ending pile of books and magazines that have been lying unattended for a very long time .I had been experiencing discomfort while reading on the computer and my books, and hence got my eyes checked to find that my reading no has changed and that I will need new glasses.

I am reading... For the last couple of days I have been reading sites which tell me more about India in the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. I have always loved to know about old India and how it was living in those times. But I could not find much on that subject but recently I have found some very good sites that tell me more about the daily lives of people in olden India.

I am watching: As I said I have been watching more than reading in the last few months.
I am watching some nice serials on TV which are family dramas.
I have been also watching my favorite you tube channels mostly hauls.
I have started watching REVENGE SEASON 3 which my son downloaded for me. I love this serial and only the first two seasons have been telecast in India.
I am hoping... To start reading again the way I used to especially, books as there are so many which I have purchased but not yet read.

Last week: Nothing special, just clearing and cleaning up after my brother and family left back for the US.
Invited my husband’s doctor friends over for dinner on Saturday night, had good fun with them.
COOKED: I menu for the day was
              Palak Masoor tonak, French beans vegetable, paneer butter masala,chicken tikka masala(heritage), roasted corn salad, and vegetable pulao/ Biryani.
With chicken tikka, reshmi kabab, vegetable chilli for starters.

 Around the house... There is a lot of cleaning and organizing to be done as the festival of lights DIWALI is just round the corner.

One of my favorite things: I loved the cool lassi (sweet yogurt drink) which I had when I was with my hubby on a hot humid afternoon.
Enjoying eating apples which are in season right now in India.

A few plans for this week:
 Lots and lots on my to do list.. Priority being
                         Read some old magazines and discard a few.
Today’s menu:
Breakfast: egg fry and toast
Lunch: Tomato dal and papdi vegetable rice and roti
Dinner: French beans vegetable
Today was one of the simplest menus that I could ever make.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


For Today


Outside my window: Sunny and humid morning … Its 10.35 am and I am just taking a little break which means a little change from my morning routine. I love such small breaks although to some it might look like I am distracted and might take a little more time to complete what I am doing, but frankly these small breaks keep me going and give a spring to my step whenever I start again.

I am thankful... For the 24 hour water supply that we get in our society while there are so many buildings in our society who get water only for about 4 hours a day.

I am wearing... polka dot pajama pants with a blue colour T-shirt.

I am creating... A “SIMPLE PLEASURES” scrapbook using pictures that I cut from magazines or download from around the web.

I plan to go to. In Mumbai where I stay “station road” is a place for doing some simple day to day and reasonable shopping and I love visiting such places as you can find some really good items for a very small price..I plan to go to a place called Malad for my station road fixation.

I am wondering... Will I use my pile of downloads to be used for home binders.. I always go on downloading  interesting” to do lists” or such templates for my home binder but finally write on a blank paper to suit my convenience.

  I am reading... Reading books has taken a back seat as I have to get my eyes checked for my reading number. But that does not stop me from reading some blogs which I get my daily inspiration from.
I have been on a look out of blogs that are motivational and which help me improve my day to day life.

I am watching: As I said I have been watching more than reading in the last few months.
I am watching some nice serials on TV which are family dramas.
I have been also watching my favorite you tube channels mostly hauls ..
I have been also watching documentaries on YouTube about AGATHA CHRISTIE my favorite author.

I am hoping... I will complete my pending TO DO LIST this week.
Last week: It was a very hectic and busy week with my brother who is on a project in the USA came visiting after a year.
There were lots of food being cooked, lots of jokes and lots of eating out too fun and hectic both at the same time.

I am learning... Nothing new as there was lots of work around the house with guests and also with my maids on leave at that very time due to their own problems.

 Around the house... House is a mess with the guests having left and lots of laundry to be done and things being in a disorganized state.

One of my favorite things: I have been loving my mobile case which is in a festive print just apt for the festival season that is on in India.

A few plans for this week: Lots and lots on my to do list..1. As I have to get my house back in order after my brother and family have left to go back to the US.
2. Plan to go out one day for lunch with my friend which has been postponing for the whole of last month.
3. Update my home binder which has not been opened for quite some time now.
4. Organize my clothes cabinet as it really needs looked into before the Diwali festival comes near.
 5. Have to read some magazines and start discarding a few as I have completely used up all the available space for my books and magazines.