Saturday, April 6, 2013



It's early Sunday morning here...
Sitting here on the window sill of my bedroom ,looking out at the public garden where I can see morning walkers , doggies and kids around ..
It's not very early it's about 7.30 am and I am getting my morning dose of vitamin D with the early morning sunlight falling right on me . We have a east facing window.
My morning always starts (most days  cooking and packing my sons lunch box ) today being a Sunday I can enjoy my morning cuppa of hot tea with milk and my dunking biscuits (called toast or butter here ) some times it's hard crust bread for dunking...

Yesterday. Was a pretty full day,busy cooking some new dishes along with my daily chores.
I cooked a great Coorgi chicken dish which turned out pretty fabulous .

I have done a lot of baking too I baked a carrot cake and also a Banana cake.. I just got into a mood for baking ..Mornings are normally busy so I do not get enough time to bake a cake and evenings are for taking a walk or for grocery shopping and so cake baking is again postponed but.. I injured my little toe the day before yesterday ...and hence was stuck up at home.. which made me get up and do some baking 

                                          Banana cake 

Today is Sunday . the lunch menu will be 

Lunch :
chicken stir fry
beans with coconut
sambhar and rice
and Rotis..

Potato toasted sandwiches..
What did you cook for lunch today?
Lots of pending work to be done today...
Have a nice day...