Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Its been pouring today and the weather is just wonderful, of all the seasons that we experience in India I love the rainy season it makes me feel good , I feel like curling up in bed or on my couch and having a cup of tea with my favorite magazine in hand.

                                             THIS PICTURE IS TAKEN IN GOA

At such times I feel blessed to be able to sit at home and enjoy this weather, Being a homemaker has its own benefits and disadvantages too.For those who go out and work do not have time to appreciate beauty around. With the added nuisance of traffic jams, clogged roads and lots of congestion.

So today's day was spent in a lazy way at home cooking and doing a little bit of cleaning of the books shelves where my son has not yet discarded his previous years books , so I had to sit and sort them out and put them out on his study table so that he could sort out his book for donation or for discarding.
There is something else that I enjoy doing when the weather is sooo sooo lovely... and that's I think you guessed right EATING with a capital E.
I feel like eating a lot many things and some of them are...


A hot cup of tea in a traditional cup which i have , It gives me a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Hot and spicy batata vada or Potato filled savory balls deep fried in chana flour after adding spices .
There are so many more things like a hot soup which i had yesterday night . sorry no pictures

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


INDIAN IDOL is a very popular reality show  on Indian television, I have been watching this program regularly for the last 5 years..
I have always thoroughly enjoying watching the contestants from various states of India sing and really appreciate the efforts that go into making them what they are. To go through the whole selection process and then to go through the tough rounds and finally to be in the top 3 is an achievement in itself...

This was the first time time that I got an opportunity to visit the sets of the Indian Idol and was fortunate to enough to be able to
watch the three finalist perform at close quaters. Its a very thrilling experience to be actually on the sets and see the program being shot.The noise , the action and the thrill of actually watching the program being shot is such a fulfilling experience.

All the three RAKESH MAINI, BHOOMI TRIVEDI AND SREERAM where really fabulous but Sreeram was the best . He consistently performed well and was never in the bottom 3 .Bhoomi too is a great singer with lots of confidence which is required, to be a success on stage. Rakesh Maini too has a wonderful voice and a seemed to be very nice person.
I could click this picture  just as they were leaving the studio to go to their respective vans.

Meeting these stars of the show which i always loved will remain forever in my memory .

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My brother was in Pune over the weekend , Its a small place about 3 hours drive from Mumbai (the place where we stay..)
He had to attend a function there and so the visit , I too was invited but could not go due to my son's college admission process which is going on . 

I uploaded the pictures clicked by him on his way to Pune , I would love to share them with you , how I  wish I could go , as I had mentioned in the earlier post I am very attracted to the greenery that nature offers us.There are a few  who love to go on the beach and play in the water i.e  they like to be connected to the water element of nature, but when I go to the beach I prefer to just spread out a beach towel and sit there looking at the ocean with a nice book in hand and feeling the cool breeze from the sea on my hair .

Oh Wow!!! writing  blogs is really great ,The above  thought just flew out of my mind as i was writing the post and I feel so good at being able to understand a little part of me... Writing your thoughts on paper is really therapeutic It makes you delve right in your inner being and let the thoughts just flow like water out of you which you might not be possible if you are just busy and doing your routine things.

This road you see above is a Express highway and so you see that its not crowded and the ride is smooth as against the way we travel in our city . Normally in Mumbai we face a humongous problem of traffic jams and most of the time we are traveling bumper to bumper...
So travelling on such roads is a sure stress reliever where you can really enjoy driving and looking at the beauty around you .

Did you enjoy looking at the pictures? Please comment ...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am not a person who has lots of plants around the house. Not that I do not appreciate greenery on the contrary I love having greenery around me and even when we travel its the green surrounding and the fresh serene air that attracts me to that place. 
But when it comes to maintaining plants at home i am quite bad or i might say that i have never been interested enough to learn from people who love gardening and who really have a green thumb..

                                                     MY LITTLE TULSI PLANT

My mother in law maintains a  lovely green patch in the small balcony space that is available to her , Here in India we have very small apartments and place is always at a premium and so having a small patch of space for your plants is really a rarity but some people just manage to make that space .
So here you will find some plants (The money plant being a recent addition) . 

It was the Tulsi plant gifted to me by my neighbor that actually started my planting journey ... Its considered to be a holy plant and in many households people actually pray to it in the morning...
This plant is a very delicate plant and does not last very long , it has only leaves and they drop off when they are at a mature stage , then you get fresh sprouts which you have to water regularly for a fresh plant to grow again ... The tops have to be cut to propagate growth... I was doing all that i was told to do and the results showed i had a plant which grew to be nice and healthy (surprised my neighbor to see how well it was growing).

This little plant encouraged me to buy some more and try my hand at planting and maintaining some plants at home (right now i have got only three)

Will update you if I plan to  buy some more...

Friday, August 6, 2010


I love collecting things especially stationery ..
When I was a kid there were very limited selection when it came to stationery there was probably only one company making only one type of pencil and a particular company having some erasers.Owning a special eraser which was  then called a "scented eraser" (which had a sweet smell to it) was a  luxury and i remember using it very sparingly so that it does not get scrubby and ugly.
But now kids have such variety of erasers which all may not be good for the work they are made for, but they are very good to look at  .

SO HERE IS A LITTTTLE... PART OF MY COLLECTION... I haven't taken pictures of all ,which I will and will share it with you .Those like-minded please comment and tell me if you really enjoyed looking at them...


I love the rustic look of the above Plaque.

I love to decorate my Kitchen with this which are either handmade or with things which i love to look at while cooking.

The one below is my absolute favorite, a gift from my sister who stays in the US .