Thursday, August 12, 2010


My brother was in Pune over the weekend , Its a small place about 3 hours drive from Mumbai (the place where we stay..)
He had to attend a function there and so the visit , I too was invited but could not go due to my son's college admission process which is going on . 

I uploaded the pictures clicked by him on his way to Pune , I would love to share them with you , how I  wish I could go , as I had mentioned in the earlier post I am very attracted to the greenery that nature offers us.There are a few  who love to go on the beach and play in the water i.e  they like to be connected to the water element of nature, but when I go to the beach I prefer to just spread out a beach towel and sit there looking at the ocean with a nice book in hand and feeling the cool breeze from the sea on my hair .

Oh Wow!!! writing  blogs is really great ,The above  thought just flew out of my mind as i was writing the post and I feel so good at being able to understand a little part of me... Writing your thoughts on paper is really therapeutic It makes you delve right in your inner being and let the thoughts just flow like water out of you which you might not be possible if you are just busy and doing your routine things.

This road you see above is a Express highway and so you see that its not crowded and the ride is smooth as against the way we travel in our city . Normally in Mumbai we face a humongous problem of traffic jams and most of the time we are traveling bumper to bumper...
So travelling on such roads is a sure stress reliever where you can really enjoy driving and looking at the beauty around you .

Did you enjoy looking at the pictures? Please comment ...

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