Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am not a person who has lots of plants around the house. Not that I do not appreciate greenery on the contrary I love having greenery around me and even when we travel its the green surrounding and the fresh serene air that attracts me to that place. 
But when it comes to maintaining plants at home i am quite bad or i might say that i have never been interested enough to learn from people who love gardening and who really have a green thumb..

                                                     MY LITTLE TULSI PLANT

My mother in law maintains a  lovely green patch in the small balcony space that is available to her , Here in India we have very small apartments and place is always at a premium and so having a small patch of space for your plants is really a rarity but some people just manage to make that space .
So here you will find some plants (The money plant being a recent addition) . 

It was the Tulsi plant gifted to me by my neighbor that actually started my planting journey ... Its considered to be a holy plant and in many households people actually pray to it in the morning...
This plant is a very delicate plant and does not last very long , it has only leaves and they drop off when they are at a mature stage , then you get fresh sprouts which you have to water regularly for a fresh plant to grow again ... The tops have to be cut to propagate growth... I was doing all that i was told to do and the results showed i had a plant which grew to be nice and healthy (surprised my neighbor to see how well it was growing).

This little plant encouraged me to buy some more and try my hand at planting and maintaining some plants at home (right now i have got only three)

Will update you if I plan to  buy some more...


All things bright and beautiful... said...

Mahek - you have inspired me to grow more house plants - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is it tulsi? because i searched on google and what i got is another plant. I have one like yours, but it's leaves are chlorosis, i dont know what to do