Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Its been pouring today and the weather is just wonderful, of all the seasons that we experience in India I love the rainy season it makes me feel good , I feel like curling up in bed or on my couch and having a cup of tea with my favorite magazine in hand.

                                             THIS PICTURE IS TAKEN IN GOA

At such times I feel blessed to be able to sit at home and enjoy this weather, Being a homemaker has its own benefits and disadvantages too.For those who go out and work do not have time to appreciate beauty around. With the added nuisance of traffic jams, clogged roads and lots of congestion.

So today's day was spent in a lazy way at home cooking and doing a little bit of cleaning of the books shelves where my son has not yet discarded his previous years books , so I had to sit and sort them out and put them out on his study table so that he could sort out his book for donation or for discarding.
There is something else that I enjoy doing when the weather is sooo sooo lovely... and that's I think you guessed right EATING with a capital E.
I feel like eating a lot many things and some of them are...


A hot cup of tea in a traditional cup which i have , It gives me a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Hot and spicy batata vada or Potato filled savory balls deep fried in chana flour after adding spices .
There are so many more things like a hot soup which i had yesterday night . sorry no pictures

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All things bright and beautiful... said...

Lovely post again Mahek - your food looks delicious - I think I will pop over to your food blog!
And what is your favourite magazine?