Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I admit I have a weakness for mugs , How much ever I might try not to buy them I almost always buy them when I see something bright and cute, It just invites me to buy it...

I was at my brothers house this Sunday and I had about an hour after lunch and before leaving for  my home.

My hubby loves his afternoon nap and wont trade it for anything in the world , I knew that he would have his lunch and go for his much-loved afternoon nap. Now I had about an hour before he gets up and is ready to leave (He does not like waiting....)

There is this great shop next to my brothers house which has some good stuff and as the festival season has started upcoming shops always stock up on some nice festive looking stuff.
So taking this opportunity (after peeping in and making sure that my hubby is sleeping.... Hey he does not like it that i waste my time on mind less shopping.. Its ok with him if I go for some reason and then spend some extra time there , but going just for the fun of it without having anything on the agenda is a big NO NO for him....)

I spent about 30 Min's there (most of my time is spent in the kitchen ware section ) as i love buying things connected to the kitchen.
I found this great looking mugs which I had been waiting very long for i.e polka dot mugs which have to look attractive..
They caught my attention and I just could not leave the shop without buying them.. There were 4 different types but  I bought only 3.
Aren't they cute... I just cant take my eyes of the red one with white polka dots and smile every-time I see that mug on my kitchen counter . I feel good that I did buy it as I gave a lot of thought before buying these mugs as space is a real constraint and where to keep them is a big problem ( I will make space and place for these beauties in my little home).
I never had mugs with a red and white combination and I thing they are lovely...

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