Wednesday, October 26, 2011


If you look around you , you will find that there are so many things in our day to day life which we just pass by and fail to notice...
Today morning as I was hanging out my washing in my gallery . which is a little space adjoining the bedroom where we can hang out our days washing ..I saw these hangers left on a stool which also had my favorite table mat on it... I know there will be many who might not find this sight quite appealing or interesting but I love to see colour around me and colour in simple day to day items which feels my being with good energy...
Don't theylook good against the green of the coconut trees that you see outside...

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The festival of lights is here and I wish all my friends and dear bloggers a very HAPPY DIWALI

I wish to write a few lines just to celebrate this great festival 

You can search for happiness
It comes from deep within.
Its not the things you purchase
Or the battles that you win.

Its counting all your blessings
Accepting what you've got,
Not wanting more and more;
Being happy with your lot.

When you wake to greet each day
With contentment in your heart,
This will bring your more joy
Than owning priceless works of art.

For, though the things you buy
Can bring you lots of pleasure,
Being happy , deep inside,
is by far the greatest treasure.

These are a few lines I found in a booklet written by Marian Jones.. They tell you so much in those simple words..
Remember this during this festive season and enjoy these days to your hearts content....