Tuesday, August 17, 2010


INDIAN IDOL is a very popular reality show  on Indian television, I have been watching this program regularly for the last 5 years..
I have always thoroughly enjoying watching the contestants from various states of India sing and really appreciate the efforts that go into making them what they are. To go through the whole selection process and then to go through the tough rounds and finally to be in the top 3 is an achievement in itself...

This was the first time time that I got an opportunity to visit the sets of the Indian Idol and was fortunate to enough to be able to
watch the three finalist perform at close quaters. Its a very thrilling experience to be actually on the sets and see the program being shot.The noise , the action and the thrill of actually watching the program being shot is such a fulfilling experience.

All the three RAKESH MAINI, BHOOMI TRIVEDI AND SREERAM where really fabulous but Sreeram was the best . He consistently performed well and was never in the bottom 3 .Bhoomi too is a great singer with lots of confidence which is required, to be a success on stage. Rakesh Maini too has a wonderful voice and a seemed to be very nice person.
I could click this picture  just as they were leaving the studio to go to their respective vans.

Meeting these stars of the show which i always loved will remain forever in my memory .

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