Tuesday, April 22, 2014


In my last post I was talking about the little things that matter in our life.

Try to look for the small everyday things that give you pleasure, the things that you do as a routine and sometimes as a special treat, but nothing exclusive just the ordinary.

Try to search for the exclusive in the ordinary.

Here I will like to add some of my little things ..
I love colour in everything the brighter the better.

So, I make my mornings brighter by using a new mug everyday not a brand new one everyday but a new from my collection which I may have used after about a month .
I have a huge collection out of which some are for looking at.. (Heheh… ) I love them so much that I am scared to use then lest they break.. Hummm…
But they give me as much pleasure as I would, using them, so purpose solved.

I used a new one for my birthday last month and had been saving it for the day.. It’s a beautiful mug which I purchased in Goa (my native place) in August 2014. And It was looking at me since then waiting for the day it will be used… Heheh..
Here is my beauty...

Isnt it lovely.. I love the pistachio coloured background and those lovely pink roses.. Please take a note of the cute cute table mat which I have folded below that mug.. perfect for my type of person.. love the colours and like it better as I can wash it in the machine and the colour does not run.. (smile****)

check out the great table mat below the mountain of fried fish .
I also love using colourful table mats just for the look of them while eating.. I love the cotton ones which are very rustic and beautiful.

I love colourful bedroom linen as well as bathroom linen like napkins and towels. I have a huge collection of napkins which I use in the bathroom or in the kitchen..

Just last month I purchased half a dozen of kitchen towels which I don’t think I will ever use.. They will only be for looking at and enjoying every day. But don’t think I am regretting not using them for what they are used.. I purchase some of them only to have them in my collection so ..chill…
I will be discussing each of my simple pleasures in different posts so that those of you who read can also put in your comments about it and also tell us if you have something similar in your little things list .
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