Saturday, April 26, 2014


As life goes on you learn from it,

Everyday a new lesson is learnt if you are conscious of the happening around you. So learn from new people, learn from old.

When you wake up in the morning it’s upon; you to decide how happy you are going to be. So my advice to you will be:-

1. When you wake up wake up with a bright smile on your face.. Walk up to those close to you and begin your day with a positive greeting full of life and cheer.
2. As you go to Office or for your college , don’t forget to wish the most unexpected people a good morning like the Bus conductor , the Rickshaw driver or those people who are of help to you in some way or the other , this will not only brighten your day but there’s too..
3. PRAISE and GENUINE APPRECIATION goes a long way try it on the most  unexpecting people.

4. never forget to compliment the meal when you are a guest at someone’s house. It’s the effort that goes into cooking that wonderful meal.

5.Make sure to do things for people who’ll never find out.

6 Stop blaming others, Take responsibility for every area of your life.

7.DON’T waste time learning the tricks of the trade, learn the trade.

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