Thursday, December 15, 2011


You all will wonder what is she talking about so let me tell you this , I have just come back after giving my 3 papers which were over 3 days of a FOOD AND NUTRITION  course that I had taken up....

I love nutrition and am regularly browsing through for sites on the net which will help me with my nutritional doubts...But I took it as a challenge and decided to officially learn it... a challenge because its been years since I gave my last college exam ..

Teaching your kids is not the same as learning your self . It was quite tough because of the time gap but I loved doing it and have to tell you my exams where really good I feel proud of myself..Hehe...

Here in the above picture you will see how I have collected pencils that I see and kept them sharpened for me to use.. They look good don't they?

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Anonymous said...

How lovely your blog is! I so enjoyed the ideas you have on using color. I think I forget to take advantage of all the beautiful colors available. Thank you and best wishes to you for the new year.
Sheila in the United States