Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love crockery which give a country feel and so I am always on a look out for a look alike ( because here in a city its just impossible to use an real terracotta pot for cooking or drinking .

You will still find lot of homes in my hometown GOA and also in another state in my country called KERALA where terracotta pots are used to make fish curry and the taste is so unique and fabulous .. but its difficult to use it  on our gas stove or I would have been the first one..
Its a known fact in my family that I have an immense affinity towards all things country and rustic...
Modern furniture or interiors is not for me too ... I love more of the cozy, warm and  simple type of decor which falls in the red,orange, mustard.....range Ohh.... sorry I let myself slip into my world of simplistic rustic charms....

But you do find certain handicraft exhibitions which exhibit such items and I am always on a look out for such a piece , this cup is not a terracotta drinking cup but a ceramic cup which is like a normal tea cup but looks exactly like a terracotta cup...
There is one more very simple thing that I love to drink and I think this too falls in my love for everything that is natural and without pretense or show...and thats MILK .. 
Here you will find me drinking a cup full of milk instead of my mid morning cup of tea....( I do that atleast twice a week )



Anonymous said...

Goan earthen pots (tovlyo) have been brought to the US and are in use on the gas stove here and in some cases on electric stove tops. Season the pot by soaking it in cold water and then heat the pot along with the water, and bring to a simmer.Keep it on the stove for half an hour or so. Do this 2 or 3 times and the pot should be good to use.
Do not heat the pot and then pour hot or very cold liquid in the earthen pot. Bring the item to a boil by starting at room temperature and gradually raising the heat or gas flame.Do not place the pot on a cold surface when the pot is hot.
Enjoy the fish curry from the Goan earthen pots from Mapuca market kumbhar. The clay used is tried and "tasted" for generations and is probably lead free which is a concern with earthen pots. At least our ancestors did not die of lead poisoning. Buy the clay pot from a reliable source.
While cleaning, do not scrub the bottom of the pot, just the inside.
This need not be published. It is FYI only. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear MAhek ,
Loved ur blog.I too love earthenware but useing them in day to day cooking is very difficult.