Friday, August 12, 2011


This purchase was made about a month back,,,I went shopping with my hubby its special because my husband always shops with an plan i.e. He will only go to shops where he want to shop and he will buy only 
what he has planned to buy .

He is extremely focused when it comes to shopping for himself while me hummmm….I am the opposite, I love to browse around look for at least 5 items falling in the same category , think, rethink and again think before I 
buy something.

By this, I get the pleasure of window-shopping plus I feel I get something that I really want and it’s never a spontaneous decision (good for me…..). on the other hand my hubby buys things (I won’t say he takes rash decisions but as I said earlier he is focused so never ever regrets what he buys…) OHHH… how different two individuals spending their lives together can be…
So here we were at a shop buying gifts for someone in the linen section, we have to pass the kitchen section to reach the linen section (???...) and as I was passing by I saw these lovely plates or dishes on display.(I can never ever go past a kitchen section without looking at all the kitchenware on display …Pshh.. let me tell you something I took this route, through the kitchen section on purpose.. as I knew with my hubby with me today I would have to leave the store without a 
glimpse of my favorite things…Hehe…)

Now back on how I managed to get them.. so when I saw this dish I fell in love with it at the first site ..I knew that I wanted to have at-least one of these to be in my home . I told my hubby to just carry forward with his shopping and that I would come in a minute... Pheww.. He oblidged...

I loved the dish even more when I checked out its details .. You can see that in the picture below it gives a nice country Italian feel to it...I loved everything about it but the price it was too too expensive much more expensive than a normal dinner plate...

 It was about 3 times the price but as I had to have it I did and went to my hubby with it in 5 minutes flat... .He seemed a bit ruffled looking at the price but I told him that it was my festival gift which is fast approaching and that he would not or I would not allow him to get me anything if I got this... Hehe...

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