Wednesday, July 6, 2011


As I always say blogs are such an inspiration, when I see friends and fellow blogger around the world buying lovely stuff for their homes , there are a few things which one wants to have for oneself but but.... due to the country where one stays they are not available here...
I love floral pieces (Its a very newly developed passion as I see lots of floral stuff in decorations and fabrics all around the world ) I would love to own some lovely floral plates which have flowers all over like the ones that I see on the CATH KIDSON catalog .
Cath Kidson is not available here in India and see I have to be satisfied looking at them on the computer screen, But when I visit shopping malls, markets and streets my eyes always search for floral stuff...
I have written about the floral pillow covers that I purchased some months back in this post here.

Last week when I had gone to a small shop in the suburb of the city in which I stay , Here I found this lovely lovely floral tray which is gorgeous(according to me) and comes a little close to the dream I  have of owning floral stuff....I picked it ups just as soon as I saw it its melamine and has nice upturned edges, I use this tray everyday more my cup of tea with others in the family..And the most important thing is that this small , inexpensive thing gives me immense Joy every morning when I use it ...
There is one more thing that I purchased last week, which I had been on a look out for a pretty long time
This glass jar which I have placed on the tray I found at big shopping mall which has some imported stuff
I paid a double price for this jar ( compared to the prize I would pay for an Indian made jar of the same size) as its imported...and also found at a big mall.
How do you like this tray I would love to hear from you I wish you share my enthusiasm.


Lynn said...

Hello Mahek - the tray is beautiful - I'm glad you are enjoying using it :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful tray and jar..nice to know that u like such things

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Mahek,

How amazing to be able to chat about Nigella with someone who loves in India! Isn't modern technology awesome!

Do you have Amazon over there? Often the books come up very cheaply second hand.

And also has all Nigella's recipes on.

I'm a huuuuuge fan of Nigella! Huuuuuge!

I can't see your 'Followers' gadget. DO you have one? Am I missing it somehow? I'd love to follow your blog!