Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is the book which I am reading right now, I do not know why but I love to pick up a biography or an autobiography if I am given to choose from a pile of books my first preference is always that. I like to read the personal details more i.e. more about their day to day life and the way they lived with other people around them, I tend to loose interest when it concerns their profession off course if they are from a profession which I like to read about then it’s a different story.
Many times we read a biography to know how that person was in his or her personal life.
As we tend to know a lots of their professional life because of the media coverage but the minor details of their existence and what made them what they are is never known.

This book is a royal memoir, a memoir of MAHARANI GAYATRI DEVI OF JAIPUR...
It gives a detailed picture of the life of a Maharani i.e. a queen of Jaipur. It depicts the pre and post independence life of royals

By reading this we commoners get an insight into the royal lifestyles which we can only dream about
I especially love the black and white pictures in the book which show the royalties in all their pomp and fineries  

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