Monday, March 29, 2010


In the place i live we have a wonderful railway system due to which there are lots and lots of people commuting by train for work . For students its the best mode of transport .

The road which takes you to the main entrance of the railway station is called the "station road" and this road is a hub of all the shopping activities, its lined on both sides with shops .

You will find all types of shops on this station road and normally people going home from work do their day to day shopping and then board their train.

I have my fixed shops for the things that i require for my day to day cooking on this station road.Its not that i do not get them near my house but i am so used to traveling 4kms and across the rail tracks to go to those shops that i have to go there once in 15 days . In Mumbai where i stay a 4 kms  distance during evenings takes you so much time that you can travel a 20 km distance in that time.

Now to the main point when i had gone shopping to one such shop which sells poha, jaggery,semolina etc i found this packet of sweets which were lying on the counter , I have seen them before eaten them in my childhood but never glanced at them ever since but that day i picked up this packet immediately for the sheer beauty of its colours and this i have learnt  because of the various blogs that i read and see how bloggers appreciate colour and colourful things.So I have a lot to thank all of you wonderful bloggers....For changing my perspective toward small things in life.

so here is the packet of sweets that i purchased for your perusal and also for the memories it brings back of my uncomplicated childhood when there were no branded sweets or chocolates but such simple sweets which gave us a lot of pleasure.

We used to eat a lot of the orange coloured sweets that you see in the pictures above...

I used to love cadbury milk chocolate too and used to get a bar for my best performance in my school exams, one for each subject.


Jenny said...

They look delicious

Anonymous said...

How pretty they are, and I can almost taste them!