Wednesday, August 7, 2013


In India space is at a premium especially in Mumbai where I stay we have tiny kitchens and rooms so we have to make use of available space and make it work for you.
So Here let me share with you a small part of my kitchen which holds the washing machine ( we do not have laundry rooms in India and the toilets are also very tiny so a kitchen wall works fine..}
But I decided to make the most of the space above the washing machine and I use it as a extra table to store things.
Here you will find my everyday plates and cups .It gives me great pleasure to see the colourful plates that I use.

I have lots and lots of cups and mugs . But these are my everyday stuff which are very colourful too.
Bright things add brightness to your day to day life try it...

Notice how I dry my cups.. I dry them on a ring (it’s my old bangle) and they dry quick due to circulation of air. I can accommodate 3 cups on 1 ring I use 2 such rings.
You will see a small container which was given to me by my sister who stays in the US.
Such are the pleasures of day to day life, try to snatch such pleasures as you go about your work.. You might not find what I find,  interesting but there will be SOMETHING that will put a  spring in your step as you work… so DO IT.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Seeing ones colorful, clean crockery arranged neatly in full view is a beautiful sight. My cupboard does not have doors right now. I make sure everything is neat and organized, though, so when I happen to look at the cupboard, its orderliness does give me energy and inspire me to do other little improvements here and there about the house. Thank you for your post!

Linda said...

Hello, I've just discovered your blog! I love your little vignette of a corner of your kitchen. It all looks so neat and purposeful. The yellow and orange striped mugs are such fun - I love striped kitchenware!