Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This are beautiful pictures clicked by my hubby when we were in Talegoan last week, I am not too fond of flowers, but flowers are such a gift of nature that when you see them suddenly you cannot help but smile.

And that’s what happened when I saw this little plant that was growing outside my friends bungalow when we were visiting..

It was a holiday home and so they were coming back to it after about 2 months and hence the outside of the home needed a little bit of cleaning and dusting. But these little flowers needed nothing to add to their beauty they were like a bright spot in the unkempt exterior.

They were blooming in the corner and still you could not help but look at them there were only 4 on the plant and there were these 2 small buds.. The colour a pretty pretty pink..

I know that I am being philosophical but wouldn’t it be nice to have such humans who would be able to shine through adverse conditions who could remain positive when times are not so good and try to create a strong positive vibe for all those around you..


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