Monday, January 18, 2010

NEW ART.....

I consider myself a creative person **Humm****   , I think i am so because i get attracted to anything that is handmade and i see creativity in small things and also appreciate people who are creative.
My mind and hands are always in search of new things to learn and also to get information about new types of things that come up in the market.
But there is one art form that i never ever felt like taking up or learning and that's "needle art ", I have never done stitching or embroidery in my life although i have learnt a little as a child in school where i learnt to do a few basic stitches. Its after such along time that i have taken up a needle and thread in my hands and i think i am doing a pretty good job..let me show you some basic embroidery that i have done ** PLEASE PLEASE APPRECIATE ****

I am doing a basic chain stitch and some back stitch for this design..
I will be showing you the completed work but i am sure it will take some friends have patience and i need encouragement too ....


vivari said...

really do it and show us
I am not much into needle work so will love to see this one

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Than-you for stopping by, I think that you helped me make my dicicion. Instead of using this very old pressure cooker I think I will just by a new one, I will feel better about using it.
Have a wonderful day,