Thursday, November 26, 2009



You will find that Indian love to wear big chunky jewels , offcourse most Indians wear traditional outfits and so these jewels really match with the attire...

Personally i love to wear imitation jewellery which is not very expensive but still looks very
pretty, The above pieces i purchased about a year back.
Last year i worked as a teacher for a school for 6 months , as you know working women usually love to dress up well and are in search of something to dress themselves up which is within their budget . gold and silver are such exotic items and in recent times the market value has gone so up that its impossible for a normal working class person to go and buy such jewellery and so for those who love to dress up have jewels which will match their dress have to go for imitation jewellery which is cheap and beautiful..

Going back to my teaching job , there was this lady who came to school once every month probably when the salary had just reached the hands of the teacher... She would bring such good looking earring and braclets that in a day she would exhaust her whole collection. Good business....
If given a choice i would wear different types of earring and braclets , i dont care much for the other types of ornaments.

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