Monday, March 3, 2014


Last week I purchased so many things that gave me true pleasure.. It’s not always that your shopping outing is a success. But this time I really found some great things which I love and which are not very expensive.

On last Thursday it was a Public holiday here in India, and hence I decided to go with my parents and my son to the other side of town, which takes about 1 and half hour by train from where I live. But my father being a generous man that he is decided to treat us to a taxi ride to the place and back..

My son was already there at my mom’s house since the day before so I had to go to their house and we all planned to go to the shopping place by cab.

I have to take a train to go to my mom’s house and from the station go by taxi..

We reached crawford market where we were going to shop at around 5.45 which was pretty late

We had only had about 1 and half hour to shop around as we had to go home and then I had to leave to reach back home.

I went round the main market which sells dry fruits , some imported cosmetic items and also things like paper bags , tissues  etc.. there is a great fruit market tooBut I was interested in only buying the stuff which I do not get easily near my home so I bought a lovely non stick cake pan, then I bought some dry fruits for my hubby who loves to eat a bunch of dry fruits after his meals and dry fruits at this place are the best.

My major shopping was at the fabric store where I found some awesome prints on kitchen towels, I am a great great fan of kitchen towels and it’s very difficult to find those made of printed material here in Indian we do have those which are cotton and checked prints but not with floral prints etc and I got these which were supposed to be rejects and hence at a very cheap rate.

I picked up some cotton table mats as well which I will use when there are some special guests at my place.

Traveling in traffic is the only things that is a problem here in India and so once you go to such places it’s not likely that I will visit this place immediately .. so I wanted to shop a little more but my parents who are old for such a adventure started getting uneasy and tired and I did not want them to be uncomfortable because I was comfortable shopping for hours together.. If you have to shop at your own pace and time you should come alone.

But I was very happy with what I managed to get in such a short time , It so happens that sometimes you go on for hours searching for the right things but you end up buying things that are a compromise , but today I unexpectedly got things that I love .. I was not expecting that I will shop a lot and hence it gave me happiness to get these little things MY SIMPLE PLEASURES.
We also had some snacks and falooda a rose milk shake with vermicelli and ice cream which this place is famous for...

I will share with you the pictures of my purchases; I have not clicked them as yet but add them as soon as I have them uploaded.

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