Friday, October 11, 2013


I love to see colour around me , and love the see various blogs where in ladies knit or crochet colourful stuff .
But but I cannot knit nor do I crochet although I appreciate those who do so. In India there is not a lot of crochet or knitting done as the weather too is not appropriate to wearing warm clothes.
I had been to my friends the other day and I saw this piece lying on the table I was so excited when I saw it as I had never sen anything like that in any Indian home , I see a lot of this stuff around western countries.
I know its not something that I made but it was good to look at it as it was a vintage piece made by my friends mom in laws sister in law about 40 yrs back.
So here I share it with you .. for its simplicity and old world charm.

The lady who made this is around 70 now.. and so for me this piece is precious as it has seen a lot of wear and tear and still standing proud.
 I just love the colour combination.. It looks so fresh and lively/

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