Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 There are some very small things that give me pleasure , which I try to incorporate in my day to day life and one of them being using new dishes, plates or spoons.. Even buying one small Tsp gives me as much pleasure as i would buying a gold necklace.. Hehe..
I know that a thing once used cannot be called " New" ..but I have found a way out to retain the newness as you can call it I rotate the plates and dishes i.e I use them for about a week and then send them into hibernation and out they come after a long period of them for me to enjoy them all over again.

I love using good looking crockery , plates which match the food that I make .. Here in India we normally use steel utensils Its only in the recent times that we have been using glass plates and bowls with the urbanization and as we are living in cities which are modern in their outlook. But for the rustic or the typical Indian meal I prefer to use my old and shiny steel which has lots of memories attached to gifts,new home gifts,baby shower etc etc...

Most mornings I cook breakfast from scratch i.e something hot and fresh nothing precooked or store bought .
My hubby likes to have a heavy breakfast before leaving for work and hence it has to be substantial , now I am slipping from the point I love to serve this  in a nice way so that my day starts on a great note.

It you go to villages you will still find everyone using steel and aluminum vessels..(My mind tends to drift..)  Back to the point so, I try using nice plates to serve my breakfast..
I made upma today.. and served it on this lovely plate which is just the right size for breakfast ...

Doesn't upma served on a steel plate look good too..

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