Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A couple of days back I was at my sister in laws place with my hubby's cousin who was visiting from Goa, as they were visiting her new home for the first time and as they are on a 6 day vacation they carried a camera .
It so happens that one tends to click a lot of pictures of places one visits but never really takes pictures of place where you stay so this is an opportunity that I got to click for someone who wanted a little memory of the day spent in Mumbai .

These fabulous pictures are taken  from the 19th floor apartment of my SIL'S new home.

I am sharing some pictures with you for those who have not been to Mumbai, the place where I was born and bought up .

Mumbai is a very important city in India which is growing and evolving fast , you will see a lot of high rises in our area ..

The pleasure of owning a house in Mumbai is rare and only for the elite .. so take a glimpse of how it looks from the 19th floor...
Mumbai has a very developed public railway system which is a boon for the working class and in the above picture you can see a train passing by...

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